Freight and Other Details

I.   Exhibition Materials

The representatives of institutions at the booth should note that only individual institution materials can be distributed from the booth. Only materials for the institution named in the signage can be distributed. ALL agent promotion materials ARE PROHIBITED inside the exhibition venue or individual booths.


II.   Freight

Exhibitors are responsible for the transportation of their exhibition materials to the 2023 EEFT. Exhibitors may use the contractor of their choice. Any contractual arrangement between an exhibitor and the freight forwarder is solely an arrangement between the two parties. The EEFT will not be liable in the event of services or payments between the freight forwarder and an exhibitor not being provided as contractually agreed upon. 


♦ Shipping Address 

Please arrange the arrival of all boxes no later than the date TBC. (will be announced soon), to the following address:

Address: TBC, will announce soon.
Tel: TBC, will announce soon.
To: TBC, will announce soon.

♦ Mark Your Consignments

Make sure to mark clearly on the side of each box the following information:

1) 2023 European Education Fair Taiwan

2) Country: XXX

3) Name of the institution: XXX

Or download the 2023 EEFT Shipping Label (click to download) and attach it to your consignment. (Recommended)

Failure to mark the above information might result in loss or delay in delivering your materials to the booth. Exhibitors are strongly advised to carry a small quantity of stock with them when traveling from Europe. 

Please label materials as “Education Materials for Free Distribution, not for Sale" and send all your materials to the same address shown above.


♦ Insurance

Your shipment will not be insured by the organizers. If you wish it to be insured, please procure your own insurance.


III.   Promotion and Publicity

Promotional events:
Seminars on studying in Europe are arranged all year round, in order to promote the EEFT and increase interest in studying in Europe. We invite alumni to share their experiences in Europe, and we promote the education system in European countries.

Official website:
The EEFT official website offers fair information and the educational system of European countries to the students; it also provides links to all participating institutions and our partners.  

Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube:
The EEFT official Facebook Fan pageEEFT official Instagram, and Youtube channel offer fair information, a pre-event seminar schedule, and in-time interactions with online users. It also shares studying in Europe information when promoting the Fair.

Promotion and Publicity Materials (subject to change):  Expected items and numbers refer to the following info, we will keep info updated soon.

- 6,000 catalogs, 6,000 carrying bags (TBC).

- 1,000 posters, and 20,000 postcards to be displayed at schools, universities, cultural centers, libraries, cafes, etc.

- Press releases on major Taiwanese news agencies.

- 1,200 flags to be displayed on major roads in the cities where the fair is held.

- Advertisements in newspapers and on public transportation.

- Online Promotion via Facebook, Official Website, and other internet media.


IV.   Cancellation

Cancellation fees will be charged for withdrawal, for whatever reason, from the EEFT as of the date of receipt of notice of withdrawal by original letter. For a complete cancellation policy, please consult “2023 EEFT Terms and Conditions” for more information.