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Heidelberg, located in the largest technology cluster in Europe (The Rhein-Neckar Metropolregion), is home to many international companies as well as SMEs. Studying at SRH University Heidelberg in our Big Data & Business Analytics, M.Sc. (EN) Programme is the first step into your international career. The programme combines in-depth knowledge and understanding of the complete data science process. You will learn how to apply analytical or machine learning/deep learning techniques to solve complex data problems. The data storytelling and communication part of this programme, which will enable you to leverage data to reveal valuable insights to the stakeholders for decision making. A critical and highly sought-after skill in any industry around the world!

Our programme is designed in a way that it becomes more extensive and complex from semester to semester. The first semester covers the basic data analytics, and here you’ll gain a solid ground of theory and practice with respect to machine learning, data visualization, data management and data enginnering. The second and third semesters are self-contained units. The theoretical and practical knowledge gained is applied and enhanced in different case studies that become increasingly complex as your study progresses.

Not only is it important what you plan to study or where you plan to study, it is important how you will learn and master the material. Therefore, we have developed our award-winning teaching principle, CORE – Competence Oriented Research and Education. This means you will be learning in a practical setting and expected to participate actively in the class. In addition to your programme, we invite you to take advantage of complimentary offers, such as language courses, digital courses, or communication skills, so you can shape your own learning outcome. Not only focusing on hard skills but soft skills too, our graduates are known for being well-prepared and adaptable individuals, who cannot only do the job but work as part of an international team.


For those with the entrepreneurial spirit, you can start your own business in our incubator, “Gründer-Institut”. This is not limited to business students, but students in any programme can get support for their start-up, including mentorship, office space, and special networking opportunities. Even if you don't plan to start your own company, we offer workshops focused on career options in the region as well as offer personal support at our Career Development Centre.

We encourage all our students to gain international experience during their studies. Be it internationalisation at home, such as International Week or student clubs, or completing a semester/internship/thesis abroad all students have ample opportunities to get involved with the international community. With more than 80 partner universities, students can choose a location that fits their personal and professional goals.

Shortly before or after graduation, we offer additional support through the Alumni Management Network. We advise individually on the topics of job entry and career and offer support with a large network in the companies of the region. Our aim is to create a worldwide network of our alumni. The focus is on interpersonal exchange, with the mentoring programme between graduates and current students of our university close to our hearts.

We pride ourselves on providing individual support to each applicant, so we invite you to connect with us at this event and check our homepage. There you can find ways to connect with current students via Unibuddy or write to our Admissions Team or your faculty of interest directly.

學校官網:  https://www.hochschule-heidelberg.de/en/

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