About EEFT

European Education Fair Taiwan (EEFT) was established in 2002 and is one of the significant education fairs in Taiwan. The current Committee is an effort of the French Office in Taipei / Campus France, the DAAD German Academic Exchange Service Information Centre Taipei, and the British Council Taiwan.

The Committee has a non-profit objective and is devoted to promoting opportunities to study in European countries by bringing representative offices in Taiwan and their affiliations together to organize the annual EEFT in the autumn. Under the impact of the pandemic, a series of virtual seminars alternatively serve to fulfill the goals of EEFT.

In addition, the Committee hosts diverse events and programs of European education in partnership with public libraries and local universities. Every year, it also provides scholarships for Taiwanese students to pursue higher education in Europe.

EEFT Goals

  • Promote high-quality European education in Taiwan
  • Build mutual trust and cooperation among European education institutions and schools
  • Provide accurate information on education, visa, traveling, and scholarship
  • Create a positive image of European education for students and young professionals
  • Encourage Taiwanese students to choose Europe as their educational destination
About EEFT